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-Aren't you tired of singing the same six songs all year long?

-Aren't you tired of needing Christian music for a variety of occasions, but having no regular place to find it?

-Do you feel a call from God to take worship in your personal life and in your church to a higher level?

Those three questions are why I created Shades of the Cross. And why I built this website. Keep reading.

New Music

No need to keep singing the same songs every Sunday.
Through Shades of the Cross I interject, release, and establish new music into the Body of Christ.

New Millennium

It's time for new sounds and sonic textures in the Music of God. It's also time for us to have music that we can use for a variety of occasions that honors God.
We must never stop appreciating our heritage, and we must never stop innovating musically for the Kingdom of Heaven. Because every generation needs to learn to sing the praises of God.

New Mandate

There's a Call from Heaven for all believers to enter
into Prophetic Worship, both personally and corporately.

Other Stuff you Need to Know

I'm here to make my musical contribution to the Kingdom of God. Let's go on this journey together!

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About Prophet David Taylor

Prophet David Taylor, David Taylor II, Prophet David Taylor & Shades of the Cross

  • I am a Prophet, a Songwriter, a Producer, an Author, and the proud father of two.
  • I hold the office of the Prophet, and flow in the Psalmist and Minstrel anointings.
  • I believe that there is one Godhead, triune in nature: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
  • I believe that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and faith in His blood, is the only way to be justified before the Father and to receive the Holy Spirit.
  • I believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God, but it must be rightly divided through prayer and study.
  • I believe that God is a person, not a set of rules, and that He still speaks daily to His people.
  • I believe that the call to every Christian is to know God personally, to love Him, to know His voice, and obey it.

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